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Dubai’s Artsy Guide: 5 must-visit Art experiences


By Simran Tandon


Dubai’s extravagance is not only limited to its glamorous malls, polished skyscrapers, and high-end gastronomic experiences but also for its developing love for art. Be it the appreciation for different world eras through modern art or travelling the world through the lens of contemporary art, the canvas of Dubai is becoming extremely captivating.


Hence, look no further, because this blog will familiarize you with a few vibrant avenues to enjoy art and culture.


Alserkal Avenue

Alserkal Avenue


Popularly known for its forward-thinking and socially responsible art, Alserkal Avenue is a cutting-edge art destination that promotes the cultivation of a creative economy in Dubai. The vibrant avenue showcases a plethora of contemporary art galleries, visual and performing art institutions, and dance studios and promotes home-grown businesses. Leila Heller Gallery, Ayyam Gallery, Fabien Fryns Fine Art, Carbon 12, and Wisdom Warehouse are some corners in the avenue that spark joy, curiosity, and excitement through their artsy surprises. Soak in the thought-provoking art corners while sipping on a refreshing drink from the cafes because this avenue is more than an art gallery, it’s an experience in itself.




Another comprehensive and dynamic art complex, Foundry is an avenue to enjoy various art exhibitions, cultural programmes, participate in workshops and engage in talks organized by local or international artists. From Goncalo Mabunda’s creative sculptures exhibit to a private photography collection of Khalid Shafar to an immersive 3D guided tour of the venue, Foundry will be an engaging day out. Want more? There is a co-working space, podcast room and relishing cafe too.

XVA Art Gallery

XVA Gallery


Situated in the culturally packed and historic district of Al Fahidi, XVA Gallery celebrates contemporary art from the Arab world, Iran, and the Sub-continent. By collaborating with emerging and renowned local and international artists, XVA showcases art pieces that demonstrate diverse cultural identities and perspectives. The art exhibits always keep changing, giving the audience a new experience every time. It also encompasses a popular XVA Cafe that serves culturally inspired culinary plates appeasing all palates.

Jameel Arts Centre

Jameel Arts Centre


Fiercely independent, Jameel Arts Centre is striving to become a leading contemporary art institution that is collaborative and dynamic in its approach to art exhibitions, education, and research. Committed to fostering a creative community in the Middle East and beyond, this Centre offers art-related programmes for visitors and art lovers, an exhibition of the Art Jameel collection, and public programming that includes talks, workshops, art screenings, symposia, and much more. Encompassed in a light, airy and thought-provoking building, this destination perfectly combines art with outdoor beauty because of its luscious artist’s gardens.

Pop-up exhibition at The H, Dubai: Arts, Bubbles & Bites

Pop-up art exhibits around the city


Many hotels also support artists by regularly hosting art exhibits. This month of August, The H Dubai hotel is hosting a unique Art, Bubbles, and Bites. Travel to new horizons of the art world through the vibrant art pieces of Philippe Seigle, a French-born painter. Inspired by his world travel, Philippe Seigle’s art pieces are characterized by vibrant acrylic colours on canvas depicting themes of youth, journeys, vitality, and the idea of predestination. With a glass of premium bubble- Veuve Clicquot and delectable canapes, The Gallery at The H Dubai is offering an artistic and luxurious pop-up experience for a slow afternoon.


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