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Make Detoxing Fun at The H Dubai


By Simran Tandon


Our bodies are blessed with self-healing, self-renewing and self-cleansing powers when kept under the right natural conditions. Back in the days, when we led simple lifestyle that involved clean-eating habits, breathing toxin-free air, drinking clean water and physical movement, detoxification was a natural process. However, as we increasingly drift away from the virtues of natural living and embrace the toxicity of the present world, this natural detoxification process has gotten altered. Nevertheless, it’s never too late to fix things and start fresh.


January, being the month of fresh beginnings, let’s embrace the power of detoxification. Through this vlog, explore simple ways in which we at The H Dubai, are making detoxing a part of our everyday life. From starting our day with a power smoothie to stimulating our lymphatic system at Mandara Spa, we are focused on boosting your health and well-being for 2023.

Benefits of Detoxification


Before we dive into how we can detox, let’s discuss why detoxing your body regularly is crucial for us.


– A regular detoxing ritual ensures the removal of toxins from our systems leading to smooth functioning of our organs and also helps in weight loss.


– A toxin-free body ensures that our immune system is strong and safeguards us against any illnesses.


– We experience a boost in our energy levels and feel more vibrant, alive, and joyful.


– It significantly reduces our cravings of sugar, carbs, processed or aerated food and drinks.


– Lastly, it helps to remove brain-fog which happens because of poor lifestyle choices. Detoxification promotes clear thinking and makes us more alert about our emotions. So let’s get to it!

1. Start with a Power Smoothie


Someone rightly said, “A smoothie a day keeps the grumpiness away”. Who doesn’t like a no-fuss nutrient-packed breakfast especially when it comes in a portable to-go glass and is delicious? Yes, I am talking about smoothies. Full of fruits and vegetables, rich in fiber and natural sugar, a perfect detoxifying meal and highly customizable, smoothies are game-changers. Just blend together your favourite fruits and veggies, yoghurt or milk, nuts and seeds, protein powder or spices and voila, you have for yourself a holistic meal. Still lazy to make one? The Gallery is churning fresh smoothies every morning to not only give you a fresh start but also keep you fuller and more satisfied for longer. 



2. Sweat It Out


It’s a no-brainer that a balanced diet and exercise go hand in hand to promote regular detoxification in the body. Increased movement stimulates the body to flush out toxins from our organs like liver, lungs, kidney and also the gut while regulating the sweat glands to cleanse the skin at the same time. Moreover, it improves our digestive system which keeps major health problems at bay. Be it 30-minutes of cardio or aerobic exercises or slow meditative yoga poses, the goal is to get moving. If you are struggling to get started or to find which form of exercise you like more, try enrolling yourself for a membership that offers multiple exercise avenues to choose from. From a fully-equipped gym to a Peloton Bike Studio and the newly launched InfraSlimX exercise pods, the Quantum Health Club can become your go to spot to create your own customized exercise plan that is fun yet effective.

Power Smoothie

3.Indulge in a Healthy Meal


There is no one magical food item that can detox your body, but rather a range of fresh and natural produce that aids the process. Foods rich in antioxidants, probiotics, fiber, and hydrating properties are food groups that have natural detoxifying properties for your gut. So next time you are planning your daily meals, try and question yourself whether your meals are covering these food groups. Did you incorporate leafy greens & root vegetables, dairy products, beans and lentils, nuts & seeds, probiotic drinks or yoghurt and protein? The aim is to supply your body with ample vitamins and minerals so that the gut microbes naturally detoxify your body after every meal. To get some inspiration, try lunching at the Eat & Meat restaurant to get your eating healthy journey started. Also, don’t forget to keep yourself hydrated throughout the day. 

Detox Spa

4. Stimulate Lymphatic Drainage


Our bodies are always in the work mode even when we are asleep. This constant internal activity ensures that our immune system stays operational and the cells are regularly cleaned & nourished. However, the stresses and toxins that come in our daily life can sometimes create blockages in our organs, vessels, nodes or ducts that then require external help to regulate again. This is where stimulation of our lymphatic system through a drainage massage can be vital. By targeting the stressed parts of the body, lymphatic drainage massage aims to restore proper blood circulation, balance body fluids and achieve stronger immune functions. People with muscular injuries, swelling, digestive problems, migraine or stress, arthritis or even someone looking for weight loss can benefit from this massage, as it ensures drainage of all toxins that block our regular body functions. This massage is not a luxury but rather a necessity. So this month, make an appointment at your favourite spa like Mandara to reap the profound benefits of this cleansing massage.



5. Hydration is Key


We lose about 2.5 to 3 litres of water everyday. In order to compensate for this water loss and ensure that the detoxification process runs smoothly, we need to keep hydrated. And let’s face it, plain water can be sometimes boring and remember coffee doesn’t hydrate, so let’s add some flavours to this process. Infuse your water with ingredients like lemon, cucumber or watermelon or replace your afternoon tea and coffee with a detox juice.
At Urban on 4, you will find your hydration solution in many flavours.

Trust me, detoxing is like rebooting your entire system! So, not just for January but for the entire year, aim to customise these steps to make them a part of your routine to enhance your body’s natural detoxification system. 

Painting Your Inner Self: An Artist’s take on how Art can help you Connect with Your Emotions


By Saurabh Syal


Do you ever feel overwhelmed with emotions but find it hard to express them in words? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. I do feel it sometimes too. Emotions can be complex and tricky to put into words. But here’s a cool idea: why not try expressing yourself through art? Last week, I got fortunate enough to interview Ibrahim Gailani, a profound Pakistan-born contemporary artist, where I learned about a very unique concept of sharing emotions without saying a word. Amazing, right?


So if you’ve been struggling to express yourself verbally, read on, as Gailani shares how you can pick up a paintbrush and paint your emotions. You might be surprised at the insights and revelations you’ll gain in the process.

MicrosoftTeams-image (22)

1. How did Ibrahim Gailani discover art’s connection to wellness?


As with every famous artist’s story goes, Gailani started painting at the very early age of six. However,  as he grew older, he entered the corporate world to make a living and got occupied with balancing his work life, personal life, and married life, which left little time for his art. After 20 years of working in the corporate world, he started feeling stagnated in life and decided that it was time to let go of it and make time for his real passion – art. He took a break for a year and traveled the world to visit various art galleries and meet various artists.

He quotes – “If you don’t find the right path, don’t worry! The Universe will give you signs and perhaps take you there ultimately.”

During his time in Oman, he collaborated with a famous Iranian-American artist at an Art Retreat Event, where he was introduced to the fact that art can also be a gateway to mental wellness. He continued many such collaborations with different artists and found the concept fascinating. He started working together with wellness companies, and psychologists and enrolling in teaching sessions from gurus.

After a year of practicing art and wellness together, Gailani created the unique genre of “Wellness Art Retreats” which is now being conducted every month at The H Dubai hotel.

2. Why you don’t need to be a professional artist to benefit from art therapy.

Your feelings can be turned into art. Yes, you heard it right and Gailani explains how. 

In his Wellness Art Retreats, Gailani starts with meditation, discussion, and visualization sessions to get participants in touch with their emotions and thoughts. Instead of telling them how to paint, he helps them to connect with their inner-self through Art and guides them to pour their emotions onto a canvas before ending his retreats with a group reflection and deliberation session. The retreats are for everyone, from an artist to someone who has never used a paintbrush. Being a poet myself, I think any form of art can be a powerful tool for emotional expression and healing, not just for artists but everyone, as long as you bring an open mind and the willingness to let go.

So now you know, you don’t have to be a professional artist to create art that expresses your emotions. It’s all about processing and letting go of what’s inside of you. Next time you feel your emotions bottled up, try to express them through any form of art, whether it’s painting, writing poetries, singing, or dancing. You may surprise yourself with what you create and how it makes you feel.

Art Retreat

3. The Importance of Taking Breaks: What Better way than Mixing Art with Meditation

After spending 20 years in the corporate grind, Gailani is a firm preacher of taking breaks from your busy life and making time for yourself. His personal advice to me was “As in youth while trying to make a career and relationships, don’t forget to pause and observe what’s happening around you as that is the key to finding the meaningful part of life.” The phrase that stuck with me is when Gailani said – ” Take A Pause, will you?


If you had a chance to attend any of his Art Retreat Events (book your seat here), after the meditation round, he’ll sit down with you separately and speak to you one-on-one about your LIFE. And let me tell you he’s a keen observer and listens intently to what you have to say, cause that will help him to bring out your inner sentiments on your painting canvas.

So, if you’re feeling stuck or unfulfilled, maybe it’s time to take a step back, observe, and perhaps join a Wellness Art Retreat to let your inner artist out!

4. It’s okay not to be okay!

Gailani recalls a story of his one student who was unhappy with his painting as he couldn’t finish it as he envisioned it to be. Gailani mentioned to him that it was ok and that he takes a simple pause and try to look at the painting from a different angle. And I learned that sometimes, in life, things don’t go as planned, and it’s okay, as there is always a different perspective to focus on.

I remember when I lost a close friend of mine two years ago, it made me feel deeply saddened and somehow empty from the inside. With no one to express my feelings with, I felt stuck. But as my grandmother says, there is always light after dark. All you need to do is find the art that enables you to express your emotions freely, and whenever you are in this situation again, just say to yourself, “Take a Pause, will you?”


5 unique Christmas Traditionals around the world


By Simran Tandon


It is that time of the year when the world takes on a magic glow. The people are merrier, the days are jollier and the vibe is cosier. For some Christmas might mean baking holiday cookies and decorating the Christmas tree, while for others it might be about cosying up with a cup of hot chocolate and indulging in a festive movie marathon. Whatever it might be, every house and every country has its own Christmas traditions which bring out the true spirit of the season.


Who wants to know what others do for Christmas?
Some wake up to rotten potatoes left by mischievous Father Christmas, while others spend Christmas by the beach eating seafood in New Zealand. Believe it or not, Christmas traditions around the world are incredibly unique and can be funny too. This blog will now embark on a global ride to see how is Christmas unique for all.

Christmas Traditions

1. Germany: The Christmas Pickle


You can’t eat this pickle, but have to hunt for it! You didn’t get it right?
Well, Germans have their own way of celebration and for Christmas, it’s a game. Also known as “Weihnachtsgurke”this pickle hunting game is played on the Christmas Day mornings by families. At night, when the Christmas tree decorations are finished, the parents hide a pickled-shaped green ornament in the deep-deep branches of the Christmas tree for the kids to find the next morning. The kid who is able to find it in the morning gets rewarded. Be it a special treat or gift or even good fortune, the kid is in for luck for the entire year. Easy and fun, why not include this game to our celebration too!

2. Finland: Holiday Sauna


Considered one of the most tranquil ways of celebrating Christmas, this Finish sauna tradition also known as “Joulusauna”, remains at the heart of the preparation and bathing routine during Christmas. With over 2 million saunas in the country, 80% of Finn families go to the sauna together on Christmas Eve as a way to relax, unwind and clean up before the evening celebrations.


The Christmas sauna experience is elevated using candles, lanterns, essential oils and crisp clean sauna towels. It is also believed that every sauna has its own sauna “elf” known as “saunatonttu” who should be taken care of and respected. The evenings are all about festive meals comprising mince pies, casseroles, baked goods and of course, mulled wine. Maybe next Christmas for me will be Finnish style, slow and blissful!

Christmas Traditions
Christmas Traditions

3. Japan: Fried Chicken


Who shouted Kentucky Fried Chicken for Christmas? It’s the Japanese!
A country with only 1% Christian population, Japan never had its own Christmas traditions. That’s when in 1974, KFC launched its “Kentucky for Christmas” party buckets with bottles of wine which were served by Santa Claus looking Sanders. Although a marketing campaign, it gave birth to a new Christmas tradition for Japanese families.


Since sharing food is an important social practice in Japan, Christmas meals are all about buckets and buckets of fried chicken, coleslaw, wine and cake that is shared by families.


So, the next time you are in Japan during Christmas, have a “Merry Kentucky Christmas”!

4. Iceland: Christmas Book Flood


An unusual but profound tradition, “Jolabokaflod” or Christmas Book Flood is an Icelandic tradition of giving and unwrapping new books on the Christmas Day. It is followed by a cozy night with family, curdled up together with cups of hot cocoa to indulge in a read-a-ton. This tradition has strong roots in history, dating back to World War II, wherein paper was the only commodity that wasn’t rationed. Hence, books were shared as Christmas presents with outmost abundance and love in heart.


This traditions is considered particularly important for kids as books help them understand the world, build connections, develop perspectives and grow consciousness. Reading together during Christmas in Iceland is considered a common love language.

Christmas Traditions

5. Venezuela: Roller Skate Mass


Just then you thought Christmas was about cakes, course meals or party games, Venezuela folks amped up the game to bring in roller skates to be part of their tradition. As the festive season begins, specifically 9 days before Christmas, the people of Caracas,Venezuela, put their roller skate straps on and skate their way to the Christmas masses at dawn. As an alternative to sledding, skating through the roads while singing and dancing have become an integral part of Venezuelan Christmas. It isn’t dangerous as the government restricts car moments during these days.


While every corner of the world has discovered their own way to celebrate, Christmas will always be about the spirit of togetherness, uniqueness and cheer! Amongst such unique traditions, we at The H Dubai, have found an edgy theme for this Christmas season. You might have guessed it by now. It’s about imaging how a ‘Futuristic Christmas’ might look like. Will it be Santa delivering gifts through drones or robots decorating the Christmas Tree? Whatever it might be, we are still discovering and would like you to be a part of it too!

On that note, Tis the season to be jolly!