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Arab Health 2024 | Event in Dubai 


Dubai, a city that embodies the future with its skyline, is set to host the pinnacle of healthcare innovation—Arab Health 2024. Slated for January 29th to February 1st at the Dubai World Trade Centre, the 49th edition of the Arab Health event promises to be a melting pot of ideas, innovations, and collaborations that will shape the future of global healthcare. 

World Trade Centre in Dubai

The Scope and Scale of Arab Health 2024 


Arab Health 2024 is not just an event; it’s a movement. With the healthcare industry at a critical point of transformation, Arab Health stands as the most significant annual gathering, bringing together over 110,000 healthcare professionals and 3,450 exhibiting companies from over 180 countries. It is a fertile ground for nurturing collaborations and witnessing the healthcare trajectory as it ascends into new realms of possibility. 

Attendees will be privy to an array of exhibits spanning the full spectrum of the healthcare industry, from medical equipment and devices, disposables and consumer goods, to IT systems, healthcare infrastructure, and wellness and prevention solutions. With every corner turned, there lies an opportunity to experience the latest innovations first-hand, from orthopedics and physiotherapy to imaging and diagnostics, and beyond. 

Fostering Connections at Arab Health 2024


Networking is at the heart of Arab Health, with the event meticulously designed to facilitate connections between healthcare visionaries, industry leaders, and professionals. It’s an environment ripe for fostering new partnerships and strengthening existing ones, paving the way for collaborative efforts that drive healthcare forward.


The H Dubai: Where Comfort Meets Convenience


As you plan your visit to Arab Health 2024, consider The H Dubai as your home base. Our hotel offers the epitome of luxury and convenience, nestled in the vibrant business and shopping district of Dubai, just moments away from the Dubai World Trade Centre.


Here’s what makes The H Dubai an unmatched choice for your stay: 

Dubai World Trade Centre, host of Arab Health 2024
    • Strategic Location: With the venue just a short drive away, you’ll enjoy effortless access to the event, allowing you to spend more time engaging with the exhibition and less time traveling. 
    • Sumptuous Accommodations: Our Dubai rooms and suites are sanctuaries of comfort, offering you a place to rest, reflect, and recharge in opulence. 
    • World-Class Amenities: Indulge in our array of amenities, including fine dining restaurants in Dubai and a luxury spa center to ensure your stay is as enjoyable as it is inspiring. 
    • Conducive Networking Spaces: The H Dubai boasts elegant lounges and versatile meeting spaces, perfect for hosting meetings or simply connecting with peers in a relaxed yet sophisticated atmosphere. 
Dubai’s Business District

Arab Health Congress 2024: A Hub of Knowledge 


The Arab Health Congress is the educational counterpart to the exhibition, where learning and professional growth take center stage. With 10 CME conferences and more than 165 sessions, the congress is a rich source of continuing education across a multitude of specialties. 


Innovative Features of Arab Health 2024 


  • Smart Hospital and Interoperability Zone: This zone highlights the intersection of healthcare and technology, showcasing sustainable and innovative technologies from the MENA region and beyond. 
  • Transformation Zone: Dive into the latest healthcare solutions that are redefining patient care. 
  • Cre8: Discover the entrepreneurial spirit of the healthcare sector with the Cre8 competition, a platform for students to present their pioneering ideas. 
  • Start-up Zone: Witness the future as start-ups unveil their healthcare innovations on the global stage. 

The unique atmosphere of Global Village becomes a hub for special celebrations such as Christmas, New Year’s Eve, and Eid, creating memorable moments for all who attend.


While the entry price has increased to AED 20 per person (with discounted rates online), it remains one of the most affordable and enjoyable nights out in Dubai. Save the dates, as Global Village is open from October 18th, 2023, to April 28th, 2024.


Planning Your Visit 


To make the most of Arab Health 2024, attendees are encouraged to take advantage of the pre-show planner. It’s a tool designed to help you navigate the event with ease, ensuring that you don’t miss any of the key offerings. From exploring the comprehensive exhibitor list to staying updated on the newest features, the pre-show planner is your guide to a productive Arab Health experience. 

Arab Health 2024 is more than an event; it’s a landmark for the healthcare industry, and The H Dubai is dedicated to ensuring that your stay during this event is nothing short of exceptional. With its fusion of luxury, location, and service, The H Dubai is the definitive choice for those who seek the very best during their visit to Arab Health 2024. 


Exploring Winter Wonders in Dubai

By Shruthi Kuttipravan


With ideal weather for outdoor adventures, Dubai offers an array of unique and enjoyable spots to visit during the winter season. If you’ve been delaying that safari trip or sightseeing iconic landmarks, now is the perfect time to explore the city’s diverse attractions.


From November to April, Dubai welcomes you with an average daytime temperature of around 25°C, featuring clear sunny skies and occasional fluffy clouds. Here’s our curated list of the best things to do in Dubai during the winter months.

Winter City at Expo


Expo City is gearing up to transform into Winter City, building on its successful makeover in 2022. The festive spectacle kicks off from Friday, December 15, and continues through Sunday, January 7, providing ample time for you to immerse yourself in the captivating winter wonderland. A host of seasonal activities awaited visitors, ranging from Santa’s Grotto to exhilarating jumping, sliding, climbing, and zip-lining adventures. Additionally, there are engaging workshops for gingerbread and wreath making, as well as ornament crafting.


Desert Cafes


While Dubai is known for its world-class restaurants and sprawling malls, the growing trend of desert pop-ups is capturing attention. Enjoy specialty coffee in the middle of the UAE desert, surrounded by mountains. Homegrown cafes like One Degree Café at Al Margham desert and Mara Restaurant & Lounge in Sharjah Sustainability City offer comfy beanbag-style seating, live performances, and intriguing decor, making them a unique experience worth the drive.

Dubai Safari Park


Run by Dubai Municipality, this 119-hectare open-air park provides a distinctive animal experience. Home to over 3,000 animals, it comprises five sections: African Village, Asian Village, Arabian Desert Safari, Explorer Village, and the Valley. Upgrade your experience with options like “Dine in the Wild” and “Behind the Scenes” for a closer look at the care provided to the safari park’s residents.


Dubai Miracle Garden


Transforming the arid landscape into a vibrant paradise, Dubai Miracle Garden is a breathtaking floral wonderland located in Dubailand. Featuring over 150 million flowers arranged in intricate designs, including life-sized houses and an A380 adorned in blooms, it’s the world’s largest natural flower garden by the number of blooms. Open on weekdays from 9 AM to 9 PM and on weekends from 9 AM to 11 PM, it promises a sensory experience filled with colors, patterns, and fragrances.

Global Village


Dubai Global Village is set to dazzle in its spectacular 28th season, bringing back the city’s beloved multicultural evening entertainment venue. Drawing millions of visitors during the winter months, this outdoor destination offers a vibrant tapestry of global experiences, featuring shopping, handicrafts, diverse cuisines, and captivating entertainment.


The unique atmosphere of Global Village becomes a hub for special celebrations such as Christmas, New Year’s Eve, and Eid, creating memorable moments for all who attend.


While the entry price has increased to AED 20 per person (with discounted rates online), it remains one of the most affordable and enjoyable nights out in Dubai. Save the dates, as Global Village is open from October 18th, 2023, to April 28th, 2024.

As Dubai unfolds its winter wonders, there’s no better time to immerse yourself in the city’s diverse offerings. Whether you’re drawn to the festive vibes or the enchanting experiences, the city beckons with an array of delights. As the temperature is pleasantly cool, The H Dubai has curated offerings, ensuring your winter staycation is as memorable as the adventures that await you. Embrace the spirit of the season with our festive spa packages and Christmas Brunch, and let every moment be a celebration of the enchanting Dubai winter.

Dubai Fitness Challenge 2023: A quick guide to #takethechallenge


By Shruthi Kuttipravan


Embark on the exciting journey that is the Dubai Fitness Challenge (30X30)! Back for another thrilling installment, this month-long celebration of fitness was initiated by His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Dubai Crown Prince, and Chairman of The Executive Council of Dubai. Every year from October 28 to November 26, the city is alive with the rhythm of health and wellness.


Whether you’re a seasoned Dubai resident or a newcomer, the challenge is simple: dedicate yourself to a 30-minute exercise or 10000 steps for 30 consecutive days. Introduced in 2017, this forward-thinking initiative aims to invigorate residents through a variety of activities suitable for all ages and interests, promoting a sense of community unity.


If you’re unsure where to start, we’ve outlined key events, complimentary activities, and recommended apps to help you make the most of this year’s 30X30 challenge.

Key Events

Dubai Ride 2023 (November 12): Join Dubai’s premier cycling event, sponsored by DP World. Choose between a 14-km general route along Sheikh Zayed Road or a family-friendly 4-km ride around Sheikh Zayed Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard. Registration is mandatory at


Dubai Run (November 26): Lace up your running shoes for the return of Dubai Run. Select a 5-km family route or a challenging 10-km route for athletes, both starting near Emirates metro station. The routes offer breathtaking views of Dubai’s landmarks. Register at


DFC SUP Challenge at Hatta Dam: Experience a unique mass stand-up paddle session amid the picturesque Hatta Dam surroundings. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced paddler, enjoy 45-minute classes or sign up for the DFC SUP challenge event. It’s a complimentary event, but registration is required at


Other Must-Try Events: From the Mai Dubai City Half Marathon to Krispy Kreme’s Doughnut Run, the city is buzzing with activities. On November 18, the iconic Aura Skypool hosts a triathlon featuring rowing, cycling, and a lap of the infinity pool.

Iconic Spots to Get Fit

Explore 26 community fitness hubs scattered across the city during the 30X30 challenge. These hubs, located at landmarks like Hatta Wadi Hub, Dubai Marina Mall, and The Beach, offer daily complimentary activities to residents.


An exciting addition this year is the RTA Mushrif Park Cycling Centre’s Fitness Village, inviting cycling enthusiasts to join guided mountain bike trail rides or road track rides around the park.

Apps that Reward Your Dedication

Make the most of your 30X30 experience with apps that acknowledge your commitment:


Fitze: Earn coins for every step, redeemable for enticing discounts and rewards. Participate in the 30X30 challenge for daily vouchers and a chance to win staycations, dream trips, movie tickets, and more.


STEPPi: This fitness app, in conjunction with a wearable device, not only tracks steps but also records your activity. Partnering with The H Dubai for the Inter-corporate Fitness Challenge, STEPPi offers rewards ranging from fitness gear to activities.


Core Direction: Turn your life into a game with Core Direction, motivating users of all ages to lead a fit, active, and healthy lifestyle. Enjoy discounted access, private company leaderboards, and exclusive deals.

Most organizations across the city are offering free workouts, exciting tournaments, and wellness-centric entertainment to keep everyone in Dubai moving. The H Dubai has launched a fun Inter-Corporate Fitness Challenge as part of its Corporate Wellness Membership program between the hotel team members and the offices in the H Office Tower to boost an environment of wellness and health. Loads of exciting benefits are offered to participants along with a 1-month free health club membership for packages booked during the DFC.


So, what are you waiting for? Join the movement now! #Takethechallenge

Uniting Global Voices in Sustainability:

Navigate COP28 with Ease and Elegance


Dubai, host of COP28

In the heart of an ever-evolving global city, The H Dubai stands tall, epitomizing hospitality and sustainability. The hotel received The Green Key certification and is the ideal place of comfort from which to enjoy the upcoming COP28 event. This November and December, as world leaders, environmentalists, and engaged citizens converge on Expo City, Dubai for the 28th annual Conference of the Parties (COP28), our doors are wide open to welcome delegates and observers who seek a haven of comfort and serenity amidst pivotal discussions on global climate action. COP28, hosted from 30 November to 12 December 2023, heralds a crucial juncture in our shared journey towards a sustainable future. Here’s your invitation to be part of this historic moment, experiencing the epitome of Emirati hospitality and comfort at The H Dubai.

Embracing Sustainability at The H Dubai

As you immerse yourself in the transformative discussions, strategies, and collaborations at COP28, The H Dubai provides an abode that echoes the conference’s sustainability ethos. Our commitment to sustainability transcends beyond token gestures, with commitment to reducing carbon emissions and with tangible green practices and a dedication to providing eco-friendly hospitality. We welcome you to be enveloped in a space where luxury and sustainability intertwine, enabling you to be at the forefront of climate action while being cradled in mindful opulence. Located at Sheik Zayed Road, just minutes away from a metro which takes you directly to the event.

The H Dubai

Navigating COP28: An Insight into the Blue and Green Zones

A beacon of hope and transformation, COP28 is architecturally divided into two vital zones: the Blue Zone and the Green Zone, each designated with its distinct purpose and audience.

The Blue Zone: A Conclave of Decision-Makers

Centrally located in Expo City Dubai and with convenient access via the Dubai Metro, the Blue Zone forms the nucleus of COP28, where pivotal discussions, negotiations, and decisions will take place. This secured zone, managed by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), is reserved for accredited participants such as world leaders, negotiators, experts, and selected media representatives. It encompasses the core negotiation spaces, the World Climate Action Summit, country pavilions, and numerous side events, fostering a space where policy and change are sculpted. As discussions span from emissions reduction to adaptation and finance, delegates will partake in forging pathways that navigate towards the ambitious but imperative goal of limiting global warming to 1.5°C by 2050.

The Green Zone: Engaging Diverse Voices

Adjacent to the Blue Zone, the Green Zone encapsulates the essence of inclusivity and broader participation. Operational from 30 November to 12 December 2023, this space invites not only the delegates but also the public, NGOs, private sector representatives, and more, forming a melting pot where various stakeholders converge to share knowledge, innovations, and inspirations. The Green Zone extends a platform for educational, cultural, and awareness-raising activities, ensuring that the vital dialogue on climate action permeates beyond the negotiation tables, engaging and empowering society at large. Further information and programming details for this zone are eagerly anticipated and will be accessible in due course through the COP28 UAE website.

Your Stay at The H Dubai: Seamlessly Accessible to Both Zones

Choosing The H Dubai during your engagement with COP28 ensures that you are perfectly positioned to immerse in both the meticulous negotiations of the Blue Zone and the eclectic, inclusive events of the Green Zone with ease. Our commitment to sustainability and comfort provides a serene retreat to recharge, reflect, and reengage with the intensive and crucial days of the conference. While COP28
serves as a beacon for collaborative global action, Dubai, with its mesmerizing blend of tradition and futurism, offers a plethora of experiences to explore.

More than an event

COP28 is more than an event; it’s a call for unified global action towards a sustainable future. The H Dubai stands as your partner in this journey, offering not just a place to stay but a space where every detail is curated with mindfulness towards our planet. 
Book your stay with us, and be part of a harmonious confluence of global dialogues, actionable change, and unmatched luxury. Together, let’s embrace the spirit of unity, action, and delivery, forging a future where we coexist sustainably with our cherished Earth. Discover more about our sustainability initiatives and exclusive offers during COP28 by visiting our website or reaching out to our dedicated team.  

Expo City in Dubai

Unleashing the Future of Technology:

GITEX Dubai 2023


The cityscape of Dubai at night.

Dubai, renowned for pioneering technological advancements and becoming a global business hub, is once again at the forefront with GITEX GLOBAL. In its 43rd edition, GITEX Week in Dubai is set to be the most iconic tech exhibition in the world. For over four decades, it has been the gateway for tech enthusiasts, creators, and investors to collaborate and innovate. The H Dubai invites you to indulge in its luxury as you prepare for, and enjoy, this amazing event.

From the 15th to the 20th of October, Dubai will buzz with technological revelations from across the globe. GITEX GLOBAL, which has expanded its horizons across two mega venues – the Dubai World Trade Centre (from 16th to 20th of October) & the prestigious Dubai Harbor (from 15th to 18th of October), promises to encapsulate everything from AI to Cybersecurity, from Mobility to Sustainable Tech.

Why GITEX GLOBAL is an Event You Can't Afford to Miss

GITEX GLOBAL is a universe of opportunities. Showcasing an array of groundbreaking technological solutions, GITEX stands as a testament to the ever-evolving world of technology. It offers a space where innovation meets practicality, and concepts turn into tangible solutions. More than that, GITEX fosters meaningful dialogues among tech pioneers from different corners of the globe. It’s a space where attendees, irrespective of their background or expertise, can dive deep into a reservoir of knowledge. The event promises experiences that are tailored to provide insights, as well as stimulating the mind and catalyzing collaborations. The vast spectrum of opportunities ensures that every attendee walks away with enhanced knowledge, broader networks, and a renewed passion for tech.

Global technology.
Woman presenting new technological ideas.

A Gathering Hub for Global Technological Pioneers

GITEX stands out as the defining epicenter of global technological advancements. This year, the event will welcome an impressive roster of over 6,000 exhibitors from a staggering 170+ countries. It truly embodies the essence of globalization. Anyone keen to grasp the depth and diversity of the exhibition can visit the event’s dedicated exhibitor listing page, which offers a comprehensive overview of all participating entities.

Moreover, the global representation at GITEX is unparalleled. The event will see a confluence of exhibitors and visitors from over 180 countries, spanning continents and cultures. From the technological prowess of Japan and Korea to the innovative strides of countries like Brazil, Italy, India, and many others including Bahrain, KSA, France, Serbia, and Sweden, GITEX will host many technological showcases. It’s a global movement businesses, governments, and societies converge to envision the future. Here, visionaries come together to share their pioneering ideas and to collaboratively shape the trajectory of tomorrow’s technology.

Diving Deeper into GITEX's Iconic Venues: Dubai World Trade Centre & Dubai Harbor

Dubai, known for its architecture and dynamic urban landscapes, boasts two venues that have become synonymous with large-scale international events: the Dubai World Trade Centre and the Dubai Harbor.

Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC)

An embodiment of Dubai’s meteoric rise in the world of international trade and exhibitions, the Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC) stands tall as a beacon of the city’s modern and progressive spirit. Since its inception, the DWTC has been the heartbeat of the region’s most prestigious business events, setting the stage for transformative interactions and discoveries. It showcases Dubai’s pivotal role in global trade, commerce, and innovation. With its expansive halls and state-of-the-art facilities, the DWTC has been a trusted host to countless world-class events, with GITEX GLOBAL being one of its shining stars.

Year after year, GITEX GLOBAL has chosen DWTC as its home, which underscores DWTC’s reputation as the go-to destination for global exhibitions while spotlighting GITEX’s commitment to providing its attendees with an unmatched experience. The decision for GITEX GLOBAL, the world’s largest tech and startup event, to continually return to the DWTC reinforces the center’s significance in the global tech industry and Dubai’s dedication to fostering innovation and global collaboration.

Dubai Skyscrapers in Trade center district.

Dubai Harbor

The newer addition to Dubai’s repertoire of iconic venues, Dubai Harbor, is nothing short of an architectural masterpiece. With its expansive spaces and ultramodern amenities, it’s designed to accommodate events of the magnitude of GITEX GLOBAL. This year, the Harbor has added another feather to its cap, hosting the associated show EXPAND NORTH STAR. This event is set to be a confluence of groundbreaking startups and influential investors from all seven continents, emphasizing the Harbor’s capability to host events of global significance.

Dubai metro with the Dubai skyline in the background.

Unparalleled Accessibility

Understanding the grandeur and significance of GITEX, the organizers have left no stone unturned in ensuring that every attendee has easy access to the event. For those who prefer the hustle and bustle of public transport, the Dubai Metro offers the perfect solution. With a dedicated station, the Dubai World Trade Center station, visitors have direct and uninterrupted access to the heart of the event. For those driving in, GITEX has expanded its parking provisions. Attendees can conveniently park their vehicles at dedicated spots like the Centrepoint Metro Station Parking, Etisalat Metro Station Parking, Jebel Ali Metro Station Parking, and the multi-story parking near Max Station. Post parking, visitors can swiftly reach the main venue using the nearby metro stations. Alternatively, there’s the option of parking at the expansive Dubai Mall Zabeel Extension. From there, exclusively arranged shuttle buses ensure attendees are transported to and fro between the parking and the Dubai World Trade Centre, ensuring that the journey to GITEX is as impressive as the event itself.

Stay with Elegance at The H Dubai hotel

If you’re a tech enthusiast visiting Dubai for GITEX, ensure your stay is as luxurious as the event you’re attending. Situated on bustling One Sheikh Zayed Road, The H Dubai hotel embodies both elegance and convenience in its luxury offerings.

Every suite is designed with a touch of modern-day sophistication, offering guests comfort that rivals the luxury of their homes. For those planning an extended stay, The H Dubai hotel’s Serviced Suites, furnished to perfection and equipped with kitchens, are the epitome of home away from home.

Apart from luxury, our strategic location ensures you’re never too far from the heart of the event or any other landmark happenings in Dubai.


GITEX Dubai Technology Week of 2023 is set to be a groundbreaking showcase, offering the world a glimpse into the future of technology. And while GITEX sets the stage for the tech advancements of tomorrow, let The H Dubai hotel be your elegant home for today.

Visit GITEX and be part of the future. The H Dubai awaits your arrival with the promise of an experience that’s unparalleled and unforgettable, so book a thrilling week now!