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Know the love language behind gifting during Valentines


By Simran Tandon


While everyone loves Valentines Day, when it comes to gifting, this is where the true struggle lies. With the broad spectrum of gift options available, I always find myself in a purchasing dilemma with questions like “whether he/she will like the gift”, “will it be worth the purchase” and so on and so forth. I am sure you also face the same.


Hence, to ease the dilemma for this Valentine’s season, I did a bit of research. To my surprise, I found that the perception of gifts differs from person to person based on their love language. Gary Chapman, the author of the book, “The 5 Love Languages” quotes that the way people best perceive love translates to the gifts they find the most meaningful. Knowing the love language of your special ones helps us in making conscious decisions about how we wish to communicate appreciation through gifts. Some people value words of affirmation more and some respect actions more. Hence, this blog will break down for you the 5 love languages to make the act of giving more memorable for you.

1. Gift of Words of Affirmation


We often remind ourselves that ‘actions speak louder than words’ but interestingly, the value of words holds greater importance for some people whose love language is “words of affirmation”. In any meaningful relationship, the primary human need is to feel “affirmed” i.e. to be seen, valued, understood and appreciated by the other person. Psychological research says that using words to express love and gratitude keeps relationships healthy. So if words matter the most for your partner, write them love letters, leave surprise notes around to make their day, send messages during their workday, and compliment them. Words aren’t tangible gifts but for some people, they are the greatest gift of all.


2. Gift of Quality Time


In a world where our time is divided between million things, getting someone’s undivided attention is a profound gesture to express affection. People with this love language value someone’s time more and cherish making memories together. It’s not just about sharing the same physical space but about being engaging and intentional about how you spend that time bonding and strengthening your connection. It can be as little as cooking a date meal together, going on long drives, having beach days or taking a trip together. The H Dubai has the perfect activity for those who value time together – Valentines Mixology Classes at H Bar which gives you a chance to bond together over learning something unique. 

Two People Enjoying Drinks Together
Valentine's Day gift

3. Gift of Receiving


Big or small, expensive or inexpensive, receiving thoughtful gifts is a love language for many people. This can often be confused with being materialistic but in its truest sense, the ‘thought’ behind the gift matters more to the people of this language. Taking the time out to pick a tangible gift conveys to them that they are worth your time and effort. Be it their favourite scented candles or an exclusive jewellery piece, what makes them feel cherished is the emotional meaning behind it. The H Dubai’s “Gift of Memories” Gift Vouchers with specially curated stay, dining and relaxation experiences are a perfect surprise for loved ones.


4. Gift of Service


In contrast to the love language of ‘affirmative words’, there are people who value the ‘gift of actions’ more than anything. This love language centers on doing voluntary actions to make life easier or comfortable for the other person even though they did not ask for it, such as running errands, picking up the dry cleaning, doing the grocery shopping, or other household chores. This reflects an intimate awareness of your partner and their needs. 

5. Gift of Physical Touch


You might have heard people say that a ‘hug can solve everything’. This is because human touch can make people feel safe, homely and releases hormones that are associated with pleasure and bonding. Furthermore, it’s known to decrease stress and anxiety levels. Undoubtedly this can be a tricky gift for most of us whose love language might not be physical touch. So some ideas could be gifting them a spa voucher or even a cosy warm blanket.

So go ahead and figure out the love language of you and your partner to make this Valentine’s extra special. And don’t forget some of the best gifts don’t cost a cent!


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