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Wellness Art Retreats with Gailani and H

Step out of your routine and get ready to experience a transformative creative journey with like-minded souls!

What is it? 
It’s a unique and immersive first ever “Wellness Art Retreat” in the UAE, curated in collaboration with contemporary artist, Ibrahim Gailani. It combines creativity, mindfulness and making new connections to help you slow down, reconnect with inner-self and gain new perspectives.


What A Typical Art Retreat Day Looks Like?
-The artistic escape starts off with participants connecting with their inner consciousness through a guided meditation and visualisation session.
-Followed by pouring their feelings out on a canvas during the immersive Painting with Music sessions
-Ending the day by sharing their self-expression in a safe space during the group reflections session.
-A delicious lunch at Eat & Meat restaurant is also included.

*Art supplies will be provided at the venue but all participants are welcome to bring their own suppliers if they wish as long as it’s water based Acrylic paints.


Who is it For?
It’s for everyone! You don’t need to be an artist or feel like a creative person to join. We only ask you to bring an open mind and the willingness to let go.

Why do I need It?
It’s an effective way to manage emotions, release stress and enhance clarity, creativity, innovation, and relaxation. You will leave feeling inspired, more centered, and calm. Not to forget, the new friendships you will forge and the new skills you will gain…and there’s so much more you have to come to experience for yourself.


AED 630 per person per retreat including lunch and taxes.
AED 2000 per person for 4 retreats including lunch and taxes.
*Retreats are pre-paid and nonrefundable


Age: 16+

Retreat Schedule:
The retreats are held once a month on Saturdays starting from 11th March.

11-Mar-2023 | 29-Apr-2023 | 20-May-2023 | 17-Jun-2023 | 15-July -2023
19-Aug -2023 | 16-Sep -2023 | 14-Oct -2023 | 11-Nov -2023 | 09-Dec -2023


About the Artist:

Ibrahim Gailani is a self-taught contemporary artist of Iraqi and Pakistani descent living in Dubai, UAE. He exhibits around Middle East, Europe and North Africa. His creative aesthetic takes its roots from his deep belief in mystical Sufism where one constantly strives for self-reflection, authenticity and being present.


This art retreat is Gailani’s pet-project and a true reflection of his artistic ideologies. He has hosted retreats in Muscat, Oman where it is hugely popular. A firm believer in mindfulness and the power of manifestation, Gailani relinquished a corporate career and rekindled his passion for art. He now takes the magic of his brush along with him around the world, which you can witness first hand at The H Dubai.