Go Green Key Iniative by H Hotel Dubai

The H Dubai Goes Green

The H Dubai is fully committed to reducing the impact we have on the environment by implementing a long and lasting strategy that is built on the protection of the environment. By meeting the high standards of environmental requirements of Green Key, we have been awarded The Green Key Certification by the Emirates Green Building Council.


The environment is an essential element to the core business function of The H Dubai, therefore we will continuously strive to improve our performance in identifying and reducing wasteful practices, including sustainability aspects into our day to day business activities and be judged on our accountability and transparency by establishing a defined program to manage and reduce the environmental impacts from the hotel operations and identified specific areas of focus.


An essential part of our strategy has been to engage all stakeholders; guests, visitors, colleagues, tenants, owners and suppliers and have them actively contribute to the environmental actions.


Sustainability within H is defined as “carrying out its business in line with our company’s values of integrity, quality, innovation, recognition, continuous growth and teamwork, and in a responsible, resourceful and lasting manner, which has environmental, economic, and social dimensions, and encompasses the concept of stewardship and the responsible management of resource use”.


Achievement of a sustainable environment is likely to deliver substantial long-term benefits by protecting and maintaining stable environments that include Environmental, Sociocultural, Quality and Health & Safety. Some of the actions necessary will also deliver shorter-term benefits through cost-savings. Many actions that improve sustainability will also result in medium or long term savings which, as a result can be reinvested. This means that increasing the sustainability of H is not a distraction from the business: it is core to our operations.


Through the years, The H Dubai has promoted an environmentally-conscious focus within the property and the team members. With the goal of energy and water conservation, the hotel has implemented the use of green cards and green stickers in the room. The property has also introduced Super Green Vouchers through which guests can choose not to have their room cleaned for the day. In return they receive a voucher which can be redeemed at the hotel dining outlets. All dining outlets in the hotel ensure to focus on using organic and local produce when preparing all meals for guests.


In line with our dedication to minimise plastic waste, we have introduced reusable glass bottles to replace plastic water bottles in our restaurant and meeting spaces, along with the installation of a water filtration system. The hotel has partnered with DGrade, a sustainable manufacturing company based in Dubai that recycles used plastic water bottles turning it into high-quality clothing and accessories. The hotel has also recently invested in a biodigester, an intelligent machine to tackle the challenge of food waste management and dispose organic waste quickly and safely while massively reducing the property’s carbon footprint. Find more of our initiatives in the brochure below.

The H Dubai Hotel Environmental Policy

The H Dubai Hotel Sustainability Plan

The H Dubai Hotel Accessibility Report

The H Dubai Hotel Sustainability Brochure

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