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7 Life Lessons for a better 2023


By Simran Tandon



In a recent colleagues catch-up, the air in the room was that of excitement. Excitement for the year-end celebrations, for the new year to come and the hope that comes with it. What was also interesting to hear were the introspective conversations that were reflecting back on the year, the achievements it brought and the lessons it taught. Year-end reflection is undoubtedly an enlightening experience which when shared, multiplies for good only. 

Since a learning of one can resonate with many, this blog aims to share with you 7 life lessons that were learnt over this year by our Head of Departments. Each lesson is simple yet thought-provoking, something we often lose sight of.

We hope you enjoy this video and give the blog a read to see how these lessons can have a positive impact on your life. 


1. Make Health your Priority


Let’s start by saying that this will not just become a New Year Resolution to be broken but rather our priority for life. Since humans are prone to wavering motivation levels, understanding the power of ‘WHY’ we want to make lifestyle changes is critical. For some the ‘why’ might be disease prevention and longevity while for others it might be to have increased energy or improve self-worth. Find that reason first because that will help you show up for your health each day. The second thing is to keep a broader perspective of health in mind. As much as you focus on your eating habits, also focus on how you feel each day, how are your stress levels or how can you reduce bad habits like excessive drinking or smoking. Health is a culmination of the trio aspect of life i.e. physical, mental and emotional health. Also, you are not alone in this journey, hence ask for help, be it your doctor, friends, family or partner. 

2. Enjoy the Process


During my college days, I remember being asked by a professor “So, how was the process of designing and presenting this project proposal, did you enjoy it”? At that moment, my colleagues and I had a lot to say. Someone mentioned how intense the research was while someone quoted all the funny things that happened while working together, to celebrating the small wins and the confidence boost we experienced when the project was ready, in that moment we all found ourselves laughing despite being sleep-deprived. In introspection, the process involved to reach our goals gave us more happiness and memories than our goal result did. We often fail to appreciate the process that helps us achieve our goals. Don’t put your happiness or fun at hold, rather make it a part of your goal fulfillment process. In between the hustle and bustle, celebrate the small steps and wins because these will always keep you motivated towards your goals. Hence, this year, enjoy the process.

3. Experiences over Material


Someone rightly said that “A possession is a potential pleasure, but an experience is an active enjoyment”. Your material possessions don’t bring you joy 6 months down the line as your vacation memories do that you made a year ago. This is the power of intangible things in life that do not depreciate like material goods. People will not celebrate you for the goods you buy but for the experiences you share. So starting 2023, rethink your investments. Invest in experiences because experiences help you create memories that are social, incomparable and long-lasting. They help you cultivate new relationships, broaden your horizons and define your definition of happiness. So next time you are confused between taking a trip or buying a gadget, my advice- take that trip. 



4. Be Comfortable to Change


The idea of change can be uncomfortable, I agree. When I wanted to make a career change, the idea of leaving my comfortable cocoon and starting over from scratch made me anxious. But my desire for a better life was certainly greater than my anxiety. No matter what you are trying to change, be it a habit, a job, a house, or even the country you live in, embrace change with positivity. Un-strangle yourself from the reasons that are limiting you, whether it’s the thought about what others will think, age, fear of failure or even procrastination. Start visualizing the changed outcome and take one step at a time.

Experience over material

5. Be Positive Each Day


A study published in 2019 revealed that people who possessed higher levels of optimism, had an 11-15% longer life expectancy. Who doesn’t want that right? To be honest, I will not tell you to stay positive all the time, because humanely it’s not always possible. But what will recommend you for sure is to look at it positively from a different perspective. Positivity in everyday life has to do with us becoming more resilient. Not losing hope and confidence in oneself, believing that every situation has a positive side and not losing your smile when faced with a challenge is resilience. Start with this mind-set shift and you will start to find sunnier outcomes even during gray days.

Life lessons

6. Find Joy in Little Things


Observe a child and you will see how they light up with joy at almost every little thing. Be it the bubbles during their bath, their favorite cartoon on TV or the excitement to run in the garden. These are so simple yet profound for them. Ask your younger self now- what things used to make me happy? I bet you, the answer will not lie in big things like gadgets, cars or social media, but rather in small moments which we fail to acknowledge today. In 2023, let’s try to change the narrative. Pause and recognize moments of joy today, say yes to things that you put aside, disconnect to connect with self and activate your inner child. All it takes is to acknowledge that the current moment is yours to live. As Robert Brault once said, “Enjoy the little things; for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.” So next time, appreciate the cool breeze on a sunny day, dance to your favorite song, prepare a meal with your partner or give a hug to your loved one. 




7. Practice Forgiveness


Wrong has been done before and wrong will be done again. It is a part of life which everyone experiences mostly because we are humans who are not perfect. It depends on us how long we decide to carry the resentment. Forgiveness isn’t just about letting the wrong-doer off the hook but it’s more about us choosing to release oneself from the baggage of burden, pain and stress consciously. With forgiveness, comes peace and closure from the negative experience. Your forgiveness might teach someone a valuable lesson, result in the new relationship beginning or even make you emotionally strong. Whatever it might be, remember that forgiveness is a process towards healing. Hence, don’t rush it, rather feel and accept it. 

DIY with H – How to make an Impressive Cheese Board


By Simran Tandon



Is it just us or there is something incredibly scrumptious about a good cheese board? Be it for a perfect weekend night with wine or for an impressive dinner to slay your guests, a well-paired cheese board with a bottle of wine can go a long way. Easy and fun to put together, a cheese board has everything to suit every taste. From different types of cheeses to a selection of sweet and tangy fruits, dips and crackers, you can have some great cheese and wine nights in the comfort of your own home.


With the holiday season fast approaching, take this chance to learn how to make an impressive cheese board which is highly customizable and enough to feed a few people or a houseful of gazing guests. Oh and don’t forget, good quality wines are a must with cheese boards.

Check out this appetizing step-by-step video on how to create a fancy cheese board specially curated by our Executive Chef. Fancy some tips on how you can customise it and pair it well with your wine? Well, keep reading the blog below.


Components of a Cheese Board


Cheeseboard is all about the variety of textures. From soft to hard, to nutty and crunchy, cheeseboards tend to tickle all your taste buds in a single meal.


Add a selection of cheese

A good rule of thumb to follow while selecting cheeses is to focus on flavour and texture. Hence, pick 2-3 varieties of hard cheese, soft cheese and semi-soft cheese. It is also good to remember that roughly 3 ounces of cheese per person should be kept. Some cheese varieties that you can easily find for your cheese board can be:


Soft Cheese: Goat cheese, Brie or Camembert


Semi-hard cheese: Cheddar, Gouda or Swiss


Hard Cheese: Parmesan, Manchego or Pecorino


Blue Cheese: Stilton, Roquefort or Gorgonzola


A cheeseboard for 2 people can have 3 varieties of cheese, however, for a large party of 6-7 people, definitely pick 5-6 varieties of cheese. 


Add something savoury

A good bowl of pitted green olives does the trick of adding the right amount of saltiness to the board. You can also add some roasted peppers, tapenade, salted cashews or almonds.


Add some sweetness

A little bit of sweetness helps to balance out the creaminess and saltiness of the board. Therefore, feel free to add naturally sweet items like dried fruits, candied nuts, preserves, honey or even chocolate.


Add some crunch

Crunchy texture is adored by all. Hence, add those crispy chips, bread sticks, crackers of different shapes and sizes or baguette slices.


Top it up with garnishes

Spruce up the final look of the board with some fresh herbs like thyme or rosemary, edible flowers, fresh fruits like apples or pear slices, blueberries, apricots etc. 

Complement your cheese board with good wine


Depending upon the selection of cheese you choose, pick the right bottle of wine because that has the power to elevate the whole experience. Some cheese and wine combinations that can’t go wrong are:


-Cheese that is young and fresh, for instance, goat cheese, goes well with a delicate and aromatic white wine like Sauvignon Blanc or Riesling.


-Semi-soft cheese can be paired well with medium-bodied white wine like Chardonnay


-Someone who enjoys hard cheese should definitely have a glass of rich and full-bodied red wines like Cabernet Sauvignon or Grenache.


-Varieties like Gruyere, and Emmenthaler go well with Pinot Noir or Gamay wines as they have a fresh and fruity taste.

Wine & Cheese Night

Making a cheeseboard is an activity which is fun and pleasurable. With these tips and tricks, you are all set to customize your own cheeseboard as per your taste palate. If you want to master the art of cheese and wine pairing to be an impressible host, experience a Wine and Cheese night at Eat & Meat Restaurant at The H Dubai. With an international selection of cheese and wine, you can indulge and understand the nuances of this art well. 

DIY with H – Cocktail Recipes


By Gabrielle Chaux


Ever dream of being able to create cocktails like a pro? This week’s blog is all about it.

Follow Mahesh, our Expert Mixologist, behind the bar and discover three timeless cocktail recipes: Espresso Martini, Negroni and Cosmopolitan. Try your hand at making these fancy beverages at home through three DIY videos.


If you want to learn from the expert himself, book your Mixologist Masterclass at H Bar, including a 60 minutes class, complimentary canapes and cocktail tasting.


So bring out those cocktail mixer sets because now, it is your move!




  • 2 ounces of vodka
  • 1/2 ounce of coffee liqueur, preferably Kahlúa
  • 1 ounce of espresso, freshly brewed (or cold brew concentrate)
  • 1/2-ounce of simple syrup
  • Coffee beans for the garnish




1)Add ice cubes to a cocktail glass to chill it.
2)In a separate shaker filled with ice add vodka, coffee liqueur, espresso and simple syrup and shake until it is well-chilled.
3)Remove the ice cubes from the cocktail glass and strain the mixture into it.
4)Garnish with 3 coffee beans.




  • 1 ounce of gin
  • 1 ounce of Campari
  • 1 ounce of sweet vermouth
  • Orange peel for the garnish




1)In a mixing glass filled with ice cubes, add the gin, Campari, and sweet vermouth. Stir until it is well-chilled.
2)Strain into a rocks glass filled with large ice cubes.
3)With a small knife, peel the orange skin into a thin slice.
4)Add it on top of the drink.




  • 1.5 ounces of citron vodka
  • 3/4 ounce of Cointreau
  • 3/4 ounce of freshly squeezed lime juice
  • 1/2 ounce of cranberry juice
  • Lime wedge for the garnish




1)Add ice in a cocktail glass to chill it.
2)In a separate shaker filled with ice, add the vodka, Cointreau, lime, and cranberry juice and shake until it is well-chilled.
3)Strain into a chilled cocktail glass.
4)Garnish with a lime wedge.

DIY with H – Warm Christmas Drinks


By Simran Tandon


It’s the season to savor all things warm and sweet. Don’t you agree?
With the chill in the air now, it’s never a bad idea to skip the Starbucks line and prepare yourself a hot beverage from the comfort of your home. 


Rodney, from Urban on 4 has curated for you 2 step-by-step recipes of warm Christmas drinks that are perfect to sip through while watching your favorite holiday movie or while opening Christmas presents. 


So what are you waiting for? Make these warm cups of comfort with your family or friends, and enjoy all that this season has to offer.


Perfectly sweet, warmly spicy and deliciously addictive, this Christmas drink feels like a hug in a mug. Often enjoyed during the festive season, this drink can effortlessly become your all-year round favorite. 


Ingredients (Serves 2)


2 cups Milk of your choice (Barista Milk, Oat or Almond Milk etc)

½ cup Brewed Espresso

2 tbsp. Brown Sugar or Maple Syrup

1 tsp Ground Cinnamon Powder

½ tsp Ground Ginger Powder


Garnish (Optional)

Cinnamon stick

Crushed gingerbread cookies

Brown sugar

Cinnamon powder




-Prepare freshly brewed coffee with the help of a coffee machine. Alternatively,  you can also combine 1 tsp of coffee powder in hot water and stir well.


-In a cup, add the brewed coffee, add brown sugar, cinnamon powder & ginger powder and stir well till all spices have combined well in the coffee.


-Prepare the milk: With the help of a coffee machine or a hand frother, prepare frothed milk. Alternatively, you can heat milk in a saucepan on high heat. Using a hand whisk, keep whisking the milk throughout to create froth. It often only takes a few minutes.


-Once the milk is ready, pour it into the mug containing coffee and spices. Using a clean spoon, slowly mix the coffee mix and the milk to combine.


-Garnish your warm drink with a cinnamon stick or crushed gingerbread for that extra delicious kick. 


-Serve hot with some festive cookies!


The classic duo of peppermint with chocolate can never go wrong. Deliciously rich & pleasantly minty, this everyone’s-favorite drink makes you want to cozy up and just indulge. 



Ingredients (Serves 2)


2 tsp Peppermint candies, finely crushed

3 tbsp Hot Chocolate Powder

3 cup Milk of choice (Barista Milk, Oat or Almond Milk etc)


Garnish (Optional)


Peppermint Candy Cane, stick or crushed

Chocolate shavings




-On a chopping board, crush the peppermint candies into fine pieces. Doing this helps the peppermint to dissolve better in the drink and give a nice flavor.


-In a cup, add the crushed peppermint candies and hot chocolate powder and mix well. 


-Prepare the milk: use a coffee machine or a hand frother to prepare frothed milk. Alternatively, you can heat milk in a saucepan on high heat. Using a hand whisk, keep whisking the milk throughout to create froth. It often only takes a few minutes. 


-Add the hot frothed milk to the peppermint and hot chocolate mix and using a spoon, stir slowly to combine all the ingredients well. 


-Garnish your hot chocolate with marshmallows, peppermint candy or chocolate shavings for some extra delightful taste.


-Snuggle up and enjoy your warm drink!

DIY with H – Beauty Recipes


By Gabrielle Chaux


During summer, UV’s and rising temperature might affect your skin and more generally your body, so you need to pamper and protect it even more. Martini, Spa Manager at The H Dubai, will share with you three beauty recipes to take care of your body from inside and out.


Embark on a trip to Indonesia with Mandara Spa without leaving your home while discovering traditional beauty recipes from the spiritual island of Bali. 


Disclaimer: To avoid unwanted reactions, make sure to try the treatment on your skin before including it in your routine. To do so, apply a very small quantity of product on your wrist or your jaw and wait a day or two to analyze the reaction of your skin. If your skin does not show signs of inflammation, you can use the treatment as part of your routine.


Jamu Kunyit Asam is a turmeric and tamarind based infusion with many health benefits. The sweet and sour yellow drink increases immunity, kidney health, reduces risk of cancer, treat joint pains, and helps to reduces body weight and menstruation pain.


Ingredients (Serves 1)


1 tbsp. of turmeric powder
1 tsp. of tamarin
1 tsp. of palm sugar or 1 tbsp. of honey
1 lime




Boiler | Small strainer | Bowl | Cup | Tablespoon | Teaspoon



In a bowl, put turmeric powder, tamarin, and honey. Toss the ingredients together and pour boiling water. Strain the mixture in the cup, add 1 or 2 lime slices and stir with a lemongrass stick to add extra flavors. Now, it’s ready to drink!


Soft as sand, treat yourself to the nourishing benefits of this ultimate summer smoother. Rich in moisturizing and soothing properties, this scrub will help you treat sunburns and even fight off bacteria, leaving you with a soft and smooth skin.



Ingredients (Serves 1)


Coconut body scrub

4 tbsp. of grated coconut

1 tbsp. of turmeric powder



Carrot conditioner

6 tbsp. of fresh carrot blended

1 tbsp. of gelatin (or green jelly)



Carrot conditioner: cut the carrot and blend it. Add the green jelly to the mixture and stir.

Coconut scrub: in a bowl, mix the grated coconut and turmeric together. Few drops of warm water can be added to make the substance more liquid.




Apply the scrub gently on the skin with circular motions
Rinse it with water
Apply the carrot conditioner





Coconut is often used in skincare especially for its moisturizing, soothing, and antibacterial properties. Carrot nourishes the skin and makes it softer whereas gelatin stimulates collagen production, heals damaged skin, and improves elasticity. Gelatin also removes excess oil, dead cells, and toxins present on the surface of the skin.


Ingredients (Serves 1)


3-4 tbsp. of pineapple
1/5 tsp. of lime juice


Preparation & application


Cut the pineapple in pieces and blend it. Then, extract the juice of a lime. Stir the pineapple and lime juice together. Apply the preparation on your face with clean hands or with a face mask brush. Leave the mask on for 10-15 minutes. Rinse it with warm water or remove it gently with a warm towel.




Ideal for damaged skin, this mask is rich in natural fruit acids, well-known for their exfoliating and stimulating properties. Fruit acids also help fading flecks and redefining the face contour.