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DIY with H – Festive Napkin Folding to Elevate Your Table


By Shruthi Kuttipravan


‘Tis the season for joyous celebrations and unforgettable feasts! As you gear up to host festive dinners, why not take your hosting skills to the next level? It’s not just about the scrumptious meal; it’s about creating an ambiance that dazzles your guests from the moment they sit down.


Picture this – a gorgeously arranged table that complements the delicious feast you’ve prepared. The secret? Mastering two quick and easy napkin-folding techniques that add a touch of sophistication and festive cheer to your gatherings.


Dive into the world of elegant hosting as Marsha from our F&B Department guides you through these simple yet impactful napkin-folding techniques. From classic folds to creative twists, you’ll discover the art of turning an ordinary table setting into a visual masterpiece.

The power of a beautifully arranged table goes beyond aesthetics; it sets the stage for a memorable experience. By mastering the art of napkin folding, you’ve added an extra layer of sophistication and festive spirit to your gatherings.


Here’s to creating moments that linger in the hearts of your guests. Happy hosting, and may your tables always be a canvas for joy and connection!


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