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The Thrill of Sports in Dubai:

Showcasing Dubai’s Most Popular Sport Events


The bustling city of Dubai, known for its awe-inspiring architecture and extravagant lifestyle, also plays host to an exciting array of sports events, including the renowned Dubai Desert Classic and the eagerly anticipated Dubai Tennis tournament. 

Dubai Tennis Championships: A Global Tennis Tournament in Dubai

The Dubai Tennis Championships, also known as the Dubai Open, takes place annually under the patronage of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. Over the years, it has welcomed a parade of tennis titans, with Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic being amongst its most successful players. Its debut in 1993 on hardcourts surrounded by temporary scaffold seating saw Czech player Karel Nováček clinching victory. Fast forward to today, and the tournament is played at the Dubai Tennis Stadium, a part of the Aviation Club, a venue that boasts various food, beverage, and entertainment locations, not to mention a 293-bedroom hotel on-site to host players and officials. 


The Dubai Tennis Championship offers series of riveting matches on Dubai’s hardcourts, aligning with its history of high-level competition.

The championships made a progressive stride in 2005 by implementing an equal prize money policy, following the footsteps of the US Open and Australian Open. The tournament has seen periods of dominance by players such as Federer and Justine Henin. However, it continues to be a platform for emerging champions to establish their name, with current reigning champions Aslan Karatsev and Garbiñe Muguruza being testament to this dynamic competitive spirit. 

It is clear that the legacy of the Dubai Tennis Championships is not just about star players and their triumphant victories. It’s a celebration of sporting spirit, a showcase of unparalleled dedication, and a testament to the power of sports in uniting cultures, the Dubai Tennis Championships stand as a shining symbol of Dubai’s commitment to bringing the best to its sands. 

Racquet and squash ball in court

Dubai Tennis Championships: A Global Tennis Tournament in Dubai

Let’s dive deep into the world of squash in Dubai. The fast-paced, high-energy game, renowned for its intensity and required agility, holds an important place in Dubai’s sports offerings. Enthusiasts can find lessons taught by former professionals, ensuring that both new and experienced players can learn from the best. Notably, the city is also host to the Dubai Open Squash, a prestigious tournament that sees international talent vying for a $25,000 cash prize.

This unique sporting event is testament to Dubai’s commitment to promoting a wide variety of athletic endeavors, offering both locals and tourists a chance to experience this dynamic sport firsthand. 

Cricket in Dubai: Spotlight on the Dubai International Stadium

Cricket, another sport with a strong presence in Dubai, is best showcased at the impressive Dubai International Stadium. Previously known as the Dubai Sports City Cricket Stadium, this magnificent multi-purpose arena serves as one of the country’s main cricket stadiums, along with the Sharjah Cricket Stadium and the Zayed Cricket Stadium in Abu Dhabi. The Dubai International Stadium, a grand architectural feat by a Canadian architect, can host up to 30,000 spectators. In 2021, the world watched in anticipation as it hosted Semi Final 2 and the Final of the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup, further solidifying its reputation as a global cricket venue. The energy of the crowd, the strategic brilliance of the teams, and the timeless charm of cricket all come together at the Dubai International Stadium, creating an unparalleled sporting experience. 

Camel Racing in Dubai

Camel Racing in Dubai: A Look at Al Marmoom Camel Race Track

The most exotic and culturally unique sport in Dubai has to be the camel racing at the Al Marmoom Camel Race Track. This extraordinary sporting event offers a vibrant spectacle deeply rooted in Emirati heritage. The track is situated in the heart of the desert, alongside the Al Marmoom Heritage Village and the Al Lisaili area. This environment adds to the overall exotic and distinctive experience for spectators, who can witness up to 60 camels sprinting across the desert sands at once, while trainers control their robotic jockeys from following 4X4 vehicles. The spectators’ cheers merge with the cacophony of encouragement from the trainers’ loudspeakers, creating a heady and exhilarating ambiance that is unique to Dubai. 


Aside from the thrilling races that start as early as 6 a.m., spectators can also visit the neighboring camel hospital and camel laboratory, and even have the opportunity to interact with the camels before their races.

This exceptional spectacle offers an insight into Arabian culture, presenting an experience that is not just about sport, but also about tradition, heritage, and the enduring bonds between humans and animals. The Camel Race Track offers the most unique sporting event in Dubai. 

Dubai World Cup: The most important Event for Global Horse Racing

The Dubai World Cup is a prestigious Thoroughbred horse race that has garnered global attention since its inception in 1996. The event is staged annually at the Meydan Racecourse. The race is organized under the stewardship of the Emirates Racing Authority (ERA), and features a total of nine races, including eight Thoroughbred contests and one Purebred Arabian contest. 

Traditionally held on the last Saturday in March, the Dubai World Cup is the culmination of the Dubai World Cup Night of races.  

The Dubai World Cup presents a unique racing format: a Group 1 flat race on dirt designed for Northern Hemisphere Thoroughbred horses and for Southern Hemisphere Thoroughbred horses. The race stretches over a distance of 2,000 metres, offering a challenging yet thrilling contest for the competitors and a high-stakes spectacle for the spectators. 

The transition from the Nad Al Sheba Racecourse to the new Meydan Racecourse in 2010 was a significant shift for the Dubai World Cup. The first race at Meydan was held on an all-weather surface known as Tapeta. However the race returned to a dirt surface in 2015. 

A special tale from the history of the Dubai World Cup is about its first winner, the future United States Hall of Fame Thoroughbred horse. Today, a plaque honoring this legendary horse adorns the barn of Bill Mott at Belmont Park, serving as a reminder of the event’s rich history and the unforgettable performances it has witnessed. With each subsequent edition of the Dubai World Cup, there is the expectation that its legacy of excellence will consistently persist. 

Dubai Desert Classic: A Premier European Tour Event

The Dubai Desert Classic, a distinguished event on the European Tour, further underscores Dubai’s status as a diverse sporting hub. This prestigious golf tournament, held predominantly at the Emirates Golf Club, stands out as a landmark event in the professional golfing calendar. First established in 1989, it was the trailblazer as the first European Tour event to be staged in the Arabian Peninsula. Now, it is one of six, demonstrating the growth and popularity of golf in this region. 


A testament to Dubai’s commitment to promoting sports tourism, the tournament was developed as part of a government program aptly named “Dubai Golf”. The program’s objective is to enhance both professional and casual golf tourism in Dubai, a mission that the Dubai Desert Classic embodies with its historical significance and professional appeal. 

Over the years, the Dubai Desert Classic has attracted strong fields on the European Tour, largely due to promotional money paid to top golfers. This has elevated the prestige and competition level of the tournament, making it a highlight on the professional golfing circuit. The 1995 edition of the event marked a significant milestone, becoming the first live event broadcast on the Golf Channel, an American television network. 


These events clearly show that Dubai’s sporting landscape encapsulates a mix of tradition, modernity, and a commitment to excellence that is truly unique. Dubai’s sporting scene is rich, vibrant, and incredibly diverse. The city continues to strengthen its reputation as a premier destination for global sports tourism, offering thrilling spectacles, high-stakes tournaments, and unforgettable sporting moments. 


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