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Uniting Global Voices in Sustainability:

Navigate COP28 with Ease and Elegance


Dubai, host of COP28

In the heart of an ever-evolving global city, The H Dubai stands tall, epitomizing hospitality and sustainability. The hotel received The Green Key certification and is the ideal place of comfort from which to enjoy the upcoming COP28 event. This November and December, as world leaders, environmentalists, and engaged citizens converge on Expo City, Dubai for the 28th annual Conference of the Parties (COP28), our doors are wide open to welcome delegates and observers who seek a haven of comfort and serenity amidst pivotal discussions on global climate action. COP28, hosted from 30 November to 12 December 2023, heralds a crucial juncture in our shared journey towards a sustainable future. Here’s your invitation to be part of this historic moment, experiencing the epitome of Emirati hospitality and comfort at The H Dubai.

Embracing Sustainability at The H Dubai

As you immerse yourself in the transformative discussions, strategies, and collaborations at COP28, The H Dubai provides an abode that echoes the conference’s sustainability ethos. Our commitment to sustainability transcends beyond token gestures, with commitment to reducing carbon emissions and with tangible green practices and a dedication to providing eco-friendly hospitality. We welcome you to be enveloped in a space where luxury and sustainability intertwine, enabling you to be at the forefront of climate action while being cradled in mindful opulence. Located at Sheik Zayed Road, just minutes away from a metro which takes you directly to the event.

The H Dubai

Navigating COP28: An Insight into the Blue and Green Zones

A beacon of hope and transformation, COP28 is architecturally divided into two vital zones: the Blue Zone and the Green Zone, each designated with its distinct purpose and audience.

The Blue Zone: A Conclave of Decision-Makers

Centrally located in Expo City Dubai and with convenient access via the Dubai Metro, the Blue Zone forms the nucleus of COP28, where pivotal discussions, negotiations, and decisions will take place. This secured zone, managed by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), is reserved for accredited participants such as world leaders, negotiators, experts, and selected media representatives. It encompasses the core negotiation spaces, the World Climate Action Summit, country pavilions, and numerous side events, fostering a space where policy and change are sculpted. As discussions span from emissions reduction to adaptation and finance, delegates will partake in forging pathways that navigate towards the ambitious but imperative goal of limiting global warming to 1.5°C by 2050.

The Green Zone: Engaging Diverse Voices

Adjacent to the Blue Zone, the Green Zone encapsulates the essence of inclusivity and broader participation. Operational from 30 November to 12 December 2023, this space invites not only the delegates but also the public, NGOs, private sector representatives, and more, forming a melting pot where various stakeholders converge to share knowledge, innovations, and inspirations. The Green Zone extends a platform for educational, cultural, and awareness-raising activities, ensuring that the vital dialogue on climate action permeates beyond the negotiation tables, engaging and empowering society at large. Further information and programming details for this zone are eagerly anticipated and will be accessible in due course through the COP28 UAE website.

Your Stay at The H Dubai: Seamlessly Accessible to Both Zones

Choosing The H Dubai during your engagement with COP28 ensures that you are perfectly positioned to immerse in both the meticulous negotiations of the Blue Zone and the eclectic, inclusive events of the Green Zone with ease. Our commitment to sustainability and comfort provides a serene retreat to recharge, reflect, and reengage with the intensive and crucial days of the conference. While COP28
serves as a beacon for collaborative global action, Dubai, with its mesmerizing blend of tradition and futurism, offers a plethora of experiences to explore.

More than an event

COP28 is more than an event; it’s a call for unified global action towards a sustainable future. The H Dubai stands as your partner in this journey, offering not just a place to stay but a space where every detail is curated with mindfulness towards our planet. 
Book your stay with us, and be part of a harmonious confluence of global dialogues, actionable change, and unmatched luxury. Together, let’s embrace the spirit of unity, action, and delivery, forging a future where we coexist sustainably with our cherished Earth. Discover more about our sustainability initiatives and exclusive offers during COP28 by visiting our website or reaching out to our dedicated team.  

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